Being nice is easy

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Although everyone faces challenges in life and being pleasant to others might not be simple when someone suffers from his own troubles, being nice shouldn’t be that difficult in many situations. The act of being friendly and showing kindness to people could make a difference in their lives and may also bring some satisfaction to the person who tries to be nice

Golf tournaments require hundreds of volunteers who work tirelessly to help the tournament run smoothly. Pro tournaments have sign ups for volunteers who pay money for the privilege of spending normally four or five times on the golf course assisting with many duties. When a professional golfer is nice enough to offer a handshake or a cheerful “thank you” to a volunteer worker, it’s appreciated. The volunteers may generally be told that they are not permitted to speak to the golfers unless initiated by the golfer. A friendly greeting of admiration expressed by a pro golfer is fairly unusual but may be greatly appreciated.

Certain regions of the country might be considered to be basically unfriendly. They go about their business and don’t often go out of their way to offer a friendly “hello” or other greeting. Even when spoken to, some people will totally ignore the other person. However, most people will speak when someone else offers a friendly greeting and a smile.

When the Japanese Americans and their immigrant parents were forcibly removed from their homes on the West Coast following the beginning of World War II and were incarcerated in what have become called the “American concentration camps,” life became extremely uncomfortable and difficult. They’d done nothing wrong, but they had been imprisoned unjustly. Workers hired from outside the camps were appreciated when they showed kindness to those incarcerated. Getting nice was not that difficult, but it made a big difference to those held in the camps.

Showing kindness and appreciation for service workers struck on a daily basis could bring some joy, Port St Lucie Raccoon Trapping Services and happiness in their lives. Most people won’t ever know what is going on in the lives of those with whom they have opportunity dealings every day. Perhaps it would make their day to be provided a smile and a kind word.

It might make the world a more pleasant place if more people would go out of their way to reveal some small kindness. It generally costs nothing and may have great results and benefits. It is frequently a characterization of a good leader to show kindness.

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